What do you need to know?

Normally, I suppose people would title this post “About”. Alas, I am not like normal people. Normal people aren’t even like normal people, so I figure I should begin somewhere.

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My name is Sydnee and I live in a town where it’s small enough so you hear the latest news, but big enough to see new people everyday. Growing up, I’ve evolved to becoming an avid reader, writer, and traveller. My goal everyday is to try to write about things I’m in love with. This is where the blog comes along.

I write to express the thoughts that enter through my mind and I write about everything that fascinates me, which is a lot I might add. I suppose I am a decent writer. Maybe some people beg to differ, but that doesn’t stop me to write about what I love. This blog may focus on the three things mentioned above and it may not, but we will see as time progresses.

In the end, I hope you can relate to what I write or even talk about what you have read. Whatever the case, thank you for stopping by. Maybe one day our paths will cross and become a part of a thousand different stories.



7 Replies to “What do you need to know?”

  1. WIshing you the best of luck on your blog! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite a while, I have even made a few (like this one with no posts) and then ended up backing out. I still want to try it! I’m really excited to see where this blog goes! -Mallory

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