The Beginning of Everything

My future, taken November 2014.

This is the story about a girl who cried for an hour and a half and had a panic attack in front of her neighbors, on the phone with her parents and talking to her friends. Don’t forget the part where she ended up walking to her friends house (five minutes away or more), plus walking an extra ten to fifteen minutes to no specific destination with that friend of hers.

Oh, wait. I should probably mention that this story is not sad by any means necessary. If I’m not mistaken, this is probably one of the happiest moments in my life:

I was accepted into my top college. Yeah, that happened. *insert internal screaming and crying for an hour and a half once again*

The Literary Woods, taken Fall of 2015.

This story has a point and I did mention I would talk about everything. Don’t worry this won’t take long, but all endings have a beginning, correct? Correct. Let’s begin.

It’s quite a funny story if I’m being honest. During yesterday afternoon, I had just put my phone down to go get left over Buffalo Wild Wings downstairs (food, of course). However, my phone started to ring and I picked it up to talk to my dad. As I was talking to him the phone beeped, signaling a notification. Once I ended the call with my dad I saw an email from my college. Lord Jesus, you can only imagine the thoughts running through my mind. I called my dad back and told him, then the same for my mom. This is a reminder that you can’t call your mom while she is driving on the interstate because if she hears that you are having a literal panic attack, she will almost have one as well.

After I ended the call my brother looked at me as if I lost my brains asking, “What’s wrong with you?” I told him the news, but I still had not opened the link to the ‘Admissions Decision’. I told him not to leave, so he came into the kitchen with me, who was shaking and couldn’t even type her password into the downstairs computer therefore having to reset her password. I was too scared to look at it on my phone and wanted an actual computer (I made it difficult for myself you see). Meanwhile, my brother was looking at the email on my phone from the college and pressed a different button. Which, might I add, happened to be the financial email that also stated my admissions decision..wrong move brother. He gave me my phone back and–

“Congratulations on your acceptance.” I WENT BALLISTIC. I COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF ONE BIT.

I ran to hug my brother and let’s fast forward because this is where I cried and cried for an hour and a half. Not because I was sad, but because I was happy. I swear in that moment, I felt complete and a thousand emotions ran inside of me. There’s only once I cried happy tears, but this, this can’t even compare to that moment. This is the part where I walked to my friends house, cried to her mom and my friend. I cried to my neighbors. I cried to my parents. I just cried. But out of all of this, I realized that it was OK to cry. Nothing was wrong with what I experienced because everybody is happy when they get into their top college. Still, even though I was accepted into three other colleges, this was the one. The one that could complete me or shatter me into a billion pieces.

Here is what I’m trying to say for those reading. There are plenty, and by plenty I mean a grand total, of experiences that can happen in your life. Not everybody chooses to go to college, and that’s OK. That is your decision, but you have to remember to always be happy about whatever you choose in life. Life won’t give you easy stuff just waiting for you to grab it whenever you think it’s necessary. Unfortunately, life is something you have to continue pushing forward through if you want to please yourself. Not anyone else, but you. I’ve experienced this and I believe this notion has helped me to become the person I am today. I most definitely wouldn’t have been able to get into my top choice just by sitting and being lazy.

The grand scale of things, taken June 2014.

College may not be for everybody, so I’m talking to those who are hesitant in wanting to go and not wanting to go. You will be fine. Look around, there are so many actors/actresses or even well-known people who didn’t go to college and they ended up successful. You can too! If you have the courage and heart, you can do anything you want in this world.

I may just be your average teenage girl saying this, but I’m sure others can relate and have their mind going every which way. To my fellow high school classmates and kids all around the world, these are precious times, and they can only last for so long. What do you plan on doing with this life given to you?

To those going to college, can you believe it? After all this time of stressing from SATs, ACTs, and an immense course loads, we made it all this way to a very important part of our life. Still, nothing scares us more than hearing from adults: “Get ready for the outside world.” or, “You’re now on your way.”  All I know is that I still want to cherish these moments of my last two months in high school (even if some of my classes are a pain) and I want to make sure to cherish my friendships. Things are changing fast and it’s kind of almost hard to keep up with, but just look at the bright side. You made it this far, and I’m sure you can make it farther. Don’t give up.

Writing this post makes me not only grateful to know I can share this with people, but makes me realize how many opportunities are out there for a person. When I announced what happened through social media, there were so many people who were so supportive and I didn’t even realize it. To know that a person has so much support is overwhelming, but a feeling I wouldn’t even want to give up. They say, “I don’t even know why you’d think less of getting in! You’re amazing.” To hear that, is something I can’t even fathom into words. Little do some know, I was waiting on this moment as if my life depended on it (maybe a little dramatic), but I was scared for the result. I know it’s always good to be positive about a situation, but I tend to get so nervous that I’m cautious of the outcome. Still, I want to thank those who believed in me when at times I was scared of what would happen. Thank you.

For those kids out there still waiting on responses, just know that whatever happens, you worked hard to get to this point. Your journey doesn’t stop here and you have much more to experience in this life given to you. At times when you want to doubt your abilities and your faith in whatever you believe in, remember:

I believe in all of you, and I won’t stop believing. Cheers to you.

To you all, take November 2014.






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