Find You and Live Freely

Life is built on a numerous amount of unexpected events. We are given these days which we learn more and more about ourselves, and the people around us. Don’t be afraid to learn, you never know how much that can help you to find who you are.

Everyone is having a constant battle within or outside of themselves. No one may even notice or maybe some people do notice what is happening. Yet, this world is connected all together, and we have to find a way to lift each in ways that can hopefully one day better this world. We are experiencing monumental changes everyday that even if we didn’t want to, we really do have to face.

There are days where you wake up expecting everything to go as planned, but as time goes by you realize it’s never what you thought it would be. Don’t ever for a minute give up on what you want to do. You may question your purpose in life, but with every hardship there will always be a recovery. Maybe not right when you want it to happen, but it’s around the corner. Push yourself until you’ve felt a certain satisfaction that you never thought you could for yourself. If not for you, do it for that one person that you love so deeply.


Every single day is a chance for you to find who you are. Seek out what matters to yourself because even if life truly is about finding your happiness, you could be inspiring a mass of people along the way. Do not live in fear because nothing is worse than looking back and realizing you should’ve done that one thing. That one thing that could have changed a whole course for you. Life is a precious time to wake up and look around at the beauty the world has to offer. With every bad that you see or hear, there will always be that one speck of beauty that outshines the ugly.

Live freely and don’t hold anything back, because even if your path is set out before you, you never know when the unexpected can happen. Free yourself of the doubts, the regrets, and the sadness and just live to the fullest. Do something you’ve never done, whether that is eating exotic foods, traveling to places you’ve never seen, or even skydiving from thousands and thousands of feet in the air. Most importantly, do something for you.

All that is within you can be turned into so much more if you take that one step.

Do not let anyone tell you different. And never for a moment forget to love yourself along the way of that journey. There are those who are rooting for you along the way. People who are believing in you when you thought all the belief was gone. They want you to succeed and they want you to feel alive. Time is uncertain and we are only given so much to make the best out of what little time we may or may not have.

tumblr_o43t83bip31ut1kpfo1_500This is for you.


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