The Essence of Confidence

“Go with Confidence and Speak Loud”

Confidence is hard to come by. A word beginning to take place during your middle school years until the rest of our lives. What to wear to make us feel good? What to think to make us feel good? Sometimes the word is based on what we love or enjoy; whether it’s makeup, closing, hairstyles, and most important, our mindset. Every single action more or less is based on how much confidence we have. Whether walking down the street or being in the workplace, this three syllable one word is apart of who we are as humans.

First off, confidence has no gender. You can embrace that word whether you are male or female because no matter how ‘feminine’ society may deem this word to be, it’s really not. Embrace the essence of confidence. Second off, confidence will always be there for you to have or get to. Maybe a person hasn’t reached that part of confidence they feel they should have now, but in some part of our lives, they attain this beautiful word.

As an 18-year-old girl who is still trying to get the hang of things and is finishing her freshman year of college, I’d say that although I haven’t officially reached that all high and mighty sophistication of confidence that I want, I’ve gained more than I’ve ever expected to on this Earth thus far. As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t reached where I want to, but for someone who chopped pretty much all her hair off as of yesterday, I’d say I’m one step closer. The task wasn’t something I’d bail out of even as I sat in my last class with only an hour to spare on my shoulder length hair. I knew I’d do it.

I was stressed out from school and overthinking, leading me to want a change. I’ll you in on a secret, come closer, psst,”Hair grows back.” Therefore, I wasn’t worried. The thought of how I looked wasn’t necessarily a pressing subject, regardless the hair chopping would be done. At the end of the day who did I have to prove or impress? Not a dang person, especially at a college where I didn’t care to impress the people who walked past me, what I wear, or even went outside knowing I didn’t have a bra on under my shirt (To much information? Oh well, this is a blog about being comfortable, helping others, finding who I am, and feeling liberated. Not for you? Stick around or feel free to find the next blog, I’ll still be around here.) Back to my explanation, if my friends didn’t like it, well that’s cool because it wasn’t their hair getting the end of scissors and clippers. It was my hair.

You’re probably thinking, “She did care, even though she’s writing she didn’t.” Well, yes, I did, but not for the people’s sake, but for mine and how I’d feel. At first when I saw the end result a swarm of thoughts went through my mind. I didn’t regret what I’d done, it just felt like an emotional rollercoaster every time I saw my reflection. (Thanks to my friend who at one point blocked the windows, so I couldn’t see myself, you a real one.) At the end of the day though I enjoy what I did and how I look; it takes a little getting used to, but I know if I had the choice to do it again I would.

Confidence is in fact a deciding factor in what we do, as I’ve experienced. The choice to make those small steps leading up to the big finale takes time, but if it was something you looked forward to and knew it was for the better, the end result will be one of the best. Now, I’m not saying to go do what I did, but if you wanted to just know I’d support you. Confidence is a journey, you don’t know what’s at the finish line but if you’re willing to take that one small step leading to the destination, do it. Be bold and live freely because at the end of the day what you think of yourself is the only thing that truly matters.

Love, Sydnee.


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