The Stories of Adventure

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Endless Adventures. 12/18/16

You may or may not know, but I kind of adore books. Ok, not kind of…but a lot. The endless adventures. Obsessing over fictional characters. Transporting to different worlds. Books offer you the chance to escape wherever you are and to submerge yourself within the story, being carried along the journey of the characters throughout.

This page will be a place for me to share my thoughts, however frequent my thoughts on books may be. It won’t always be everyday but perhaps after I finish a book and I somehow need to jot down how much I loved the book or whatever else opinions I may have. However long or short the review is, it will be a summary of the various happenings without spoilers. We all know how that can be sometimes.

Although my book review skills are slim to none, I hope my thoughts allow you the chance to pick up the book within this blog and you’ll be transported through the same adventures I went through.

If you want to look for more reviews, they should be posted one after the other after this post or you can go to the dropdown tab on the left of the post and click on ‘Books’.

Enjoy and may you find your next book adventure,



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