To the Father Who Proved Life is Worth Everything.


As this Father’s Day approaches there has been a kind, good-hearted, and loving man who has been just as great of a husband as he is a father. There are no words to sum up how grateful I am to have a man who teaches me what a girl should be treated as. You’ve not only cared for my me, but my siblings and my mom.

The love shared between you and my mom proves that love is possible in a world which seems to be constantly filled with so much hate. You’ve given me insight into what respect means and what love is. Everyday you have taught me lessons and knowledge in this world, and for that I’m grateful. Growing up with you as your daughter has taught me even when life seems to bring me down, that life is worth living and I deserve to be loved and respected.

That no man should disrespect women, but only give off an abundance of love. You’ve made me believe that all because two people fell in love that I deserve someone who mom, through everything she has endured, has received in her life. As a man who has been in my life, you’ve filled it with so much joy. Even in the times where we’ve tested each other with slight arguments, the incident doesn’t keep us a way for long.

In all the eighteen plus years, you stood by me when I’ve tried out knew hobbies. Whether from soccer to instruments to picking up writing and so forth, the faith radiating from you has been a constant. The late night talks where you so happen to be keen on listening to every word I say, even if some conversations do lead to boys, you were right there with ears ready. In my own way, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day shouldn’t be this one grand day in which the world decides to celebrate. The celebration of parents should be everyday because you’ve given me a world I could sink my feet into and explore what the world may have to offer.

Thank you for all the love and support you have brought into this world and I cannot wait to see what the many years have to offer. You tell me already how much I make you proud and happy, but I will always continue to strive towards that even if life may take me on a different path than where we had expected to.

To those who have may experienced Father’s Day in very different ways or have witnessed/seen things no human deserves to have seen, know that despite what has happened or what others have told you, you deserve to be treated as if you are the most loved human being in this world. That no matter what the cause, you were made to be respected and in that process I hope you find the  happiness you deserve.

To all the Father’s, Happy Father’s Day.


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