Who Am I? Who Are You? Who is Who?

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that is the great question.”—Alice in Wonderland
We could all simply start off with our names, right? These names that are part of which embodies us. These names that are given to us at the beginning of life itself, but it all results back to that one question:

Who Am I?

hidden between pages, July 2016

I’ve been wondering about this for the longest time and I suppose those who are reading this have the same questions as well. For one, I can not tell you who you are as simple as how I can not tell you, who I might even be today. What makes me, ME. That is the problem: There are days where I don’t know who I am, what I like, or even what I want. In a way I guess that is a little sad.

Growing up, you tend to learn things. No matter how old and no matter what anybody says, a person is still trying to figure out who they are as time goes on. From the beginning to the end of the book a person slowly begins to understand that question or maybe, they never do. We are put on this world for a reason, yet we are still trying to figure out what they reason is. Whether the reason be big or small, WE as people are put here to fulfill some sort of duty in this life span. I, for one, may only be in my young adult stage, but I want to know. I want to know whether I’ll find that niche that is supposed to guide me through life and how it’s supposed to impact me and the people around me. Now, I hope that the one niche I find is something good, nevertheless I am one for believing my life is already set up for me and it’s already there waiting for me to notice that purpose. Those may believe otherwise, but we of course are entitled to our own opinions.

From the molecules, the cells, the bone, and the skin, a person is composed of so much more. We are in a world where the impossible can pretty much be turned into the possible, and it’s so very easy to find who you are. Despite this realization, there are those of us in the dark. There are those who are trying to jump out of this shell that has contained us for so long in order to become much more. That one thing haunts us though: Who Am I? In this vast and open world, where can we find ourselves in the most difficult times or in the sea of unforgiving thoughts?

Thoughts can be the ally or the enemy as I have noticed myself. You get these messages deep within your consciousness telling you all kinds of ideas from good to bad. Some people deal with it in their own way. I deal with it by writing. In the dark and late nights I stare at this ceiling above me with blurred out, fake glow in the dark stars, seeing as how my vision is very much impaired, and I think to myself that question I am still trying to comprehend to this day. I don’t know who I am and I think that writing this makes it so blatantly true and it frightens me because shouldn’t I know who I am or what I want in life by now? Maybe a push or nudge can tell me that it’s alright to not know because I’m still growing up and still experiencing new things to this day.

And maybe, just maybe this is why I am writing this is to help others. Perhaps they are still trying to figure out the same thing as me and wanting to know that same question. Still, it takes time, and time is definitely something worth practicing. A person meets people along the way who may be there friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and enemies. Yet, somewhere along this train called life, each of these people have had an impact on who that person is. Whether or not you want to believe it as you think of all these people, they have created sometimes good or bad memories and that has defined a part of you and who you are.

So, maybe you don’t know yet the answer to that question. Maybe you’re young or old and still trying to understand everything, but ‘Who Am I?’ is just three words that could define you for a short time or an indefinite time. I may tend to ignore the better part of my min

on the horizon, July 201

d at times which is telling me to keep pushing along and try my best. Perhaps it’s time for me and for those who are reading this to ask yourself another question, even if you are still trying to figure your way about this world. And if not for you, then for the future that has yet to come, ask yourself:Who Could I Become?




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